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The crystal Amethyst - That's why we are drawn to Amethyst!

Amethyst is one of the most popular crystals.

We will go through everything you need to know about the Amethyst crystal!

Amethyst is a crystal that has wonderful properties and stunning purple color that has fascinated people for centuries. The first documented use of Amethyst is from ancient Egypt and Greece. It was also a popular stone in Roman and medieval European jewelry making.

Amethyst belongs to the quartz family and is known for its purple color. The color varies from pale purple to deep purple but is also available in pink and green. Amethyst is known for its amazing qualities such as calmness, clarity and relaxation. It is the perfect crystal to use when meditating and to improve sleep.

Amethyst is often used in jewelry but it is also used in art, ceremonies and healing. The purple color has a calming effect that can create a relaxed feeling in the home. In jewelry making, Amethyst is often used in necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings. Its purple color makes it an elegant and timeless stone suitable for all occasions.

Amethyst is a relatively hard crystal, but it can be damaged by scratches and bumps. To purify Amethyst you can use water, incense or selenite. Hold the crystal under running tap water, basement water, seawater or lake water. Visualize that you are purifying your crystal when you hold it in water. Hold the crystal under water until it feels clean. The crystals that are 6 or higher on the Mohs Hardness scale can be cleaned well in water and Amethyst is at 7.

Amethyst is truly a fine crystal that fascinates and inspires people all over the world. Whether you collect crystals, are a jewelry designer or just an admirer of beauty, Amethyst is a perfect crystal to use.

Each month has a specific crystal associated with that month. February has Amethyst as its month stone. Jewelry with a moonstone is perfect to give as a gift, but it is of course fine to wear gemstones that are not connected to your moonstone.

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The stone and crystal Amethyst