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Crystal forms

Here you can read more about the shapes of crystals, their meanings and how you can use them.

Tumbled Crystals

Tumbled crystals are crystals that have been polished by hand or in a machine to obtain a smooth and fine surface. It is the best crystal form to use when you want to carry the crystal in your bag or pocket.

Raw Crystals
Most raw crystals are completely untouched and come directly from nature without being treated or polished (some raw crystals are treated with topcoat to prevent crumbling).

Cuddle Crystals
Cuddle is crystals that have been polished by hand or in a machine to get a round or oval shape and this makes it extra nice to hold.

Palmstone / Handstone
Palmstones are polished to get a shape that should be comfortable to hold in the hand. It is perfect to use when meditating or during healing.

Spikes / Towers
Crystal tips can be both natural and polished. They are nice to have as decoration and they can spread wonderful energy. Crystal tips are often used in healing. When the tip is directed away from the body it is said to draw energy out and when it is directed facing the body it is said to draw energy in.

Heart shaped crystals have a soft and powerful energy within them. They are shaped like a heart to remind you how loved and strong you are.

Crystal clusters grow naturally in nature and can therefore vary somewhat in appearance. It is called a cluster when several crystal tips are in the same crystal, the tips can be small, large or mixed. Clusters vibrate at high levels and radiate energy into the surroundings.

Crystal balls have been polished to a round shape, which causes the energy to spread in all directions. It reminds you that you are connected to all the energies around you.