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Ametist Kluster kristaller för sömn

Crystals for better sleep

We are often asked if there are crystals that can provide better sleep and which crystals are good to have in the bedroom.

In this blog post, we will go through which crystals are suitable in the bedroom and which crystals are said to improve sleep.

Make your bedroom a lovely place where you can feel calm, land and recharge your energy with the help of crystals. Both purple and blue crystals are said to bring peace and harmony.

We have a few different crystals that fit well in the bedroom to get a calm energy when you go to bed and to wake up to wonderful energies.

Blue Calcite is a calming and relaxing crystal that can be used for good sleep. Keep it close to you when you go to sleep or when you need to relax. It is said to be the perfect crystal to hold when you have very anxious thoughts.

Amethyst is one of the most popular crystals. It is known for its wonderful purple color and its calming and relaxing properties. Amethyst is a nice crystal to meditate with and get down to speed. You can place your amethyst on your bedside table, it is said to help you sleep better.

Selenite is a fantastic crystal that has a bright and purifying energy. It is said to be able to clean the room and bring calm and good energies into the room.

There are different ways to store your crystals in the bedroom. Some like to have the crystal under the pillow, some like to have crystals on the bedside table, it's entirely up to everyone how they want to use their crystals. Be creative and do what suits you best!

Having crystals in the bedroom can create a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere that promotes better sleep but remember that crystals are not a substitute for professional medical or psychological help, but they can be a useful tool.