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Ametist halsband kristaller

Our 10 favorite crystals

We use crystals & jewelry daily, here are 10 of our favorite crystals right now!

The rainbow pattern
The crystal for fresh start, flow and the present.
I like to use the Rainbow Moonstone as jewelry, both as a necklace and as a bracelet. What's cool about the Rainbow Pattern is that you light it up blue at different angles.

Rose quartz
The crystal for love, self-love and trust.
Rose quartz has always been one of my favorite crystals since I started with crystals. I usually carry a tumbled rose quartz in my pocket for extra self-love.

The crystal for calm, relaxation and balance.
Amethyst has such an incredibly beautiful color and it is so amazing with its properties. I usually wear or carry an amethyst to remind myself to stay calm.

The crystal of energy, honesty and opportunity.
Fun fact is that I have over 10 selenite crystals in different forms. I have four different sizes of Selenite towers at home, one of them is a lamp in Selenite that I have lit daily. Selenite is also said to purify other crystals and energies in the home.

The crystal for focus, motivation and support.
Fluorite is such an incredibly fine crystal, this particular one in the picture is Rainbow Fluorite. Fluorite comes in many different colors and I think they are so awesome.

The crystal for power, grounding and awareness.
Labradorite is an incredible crystal that usually has a blue flash in it. You can turn Labradorite in different angles and get a blue, yellow or purple color, how cool isn't that?

Rock crystal
The crystal for focus, clarity and manifestation.
Rock crystal is one of the crystals I use the most, both as a tumbled crystal but also as jewelry, I usually wear Rock crystal as bracelets and necklaces. One of my favorite forms of Rock Crystal are clusters, they are so cool. You can also usually find rainbows in rock crystal, which is so cool.

The crystal for strength, confidence and power.
Carnelian is a crystal I usually use when I feel I need extra strength and confidence. Every time I see my Carnelian, I think of power, which makes it boost me to dare to follow my dreams and do what I want.

The crystal for success, moneyflow and well-being.
Pyrite is one of my absolute favorite crystals, it's amazing how it sparkles in gold. I usually carry a pyrite in my pocket for success and good luck.

Green Aventurine
The crystal for success, happiness and health.
Green Aventurine is an incredible crystal, the green color is so nice and it has super nice properties. The crystal that I use when I want to boost my health.