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Incense is something that has been used in ceremonies, meditation and religious rituals for centuries. The scent of incense can create a calming atmosphere and help purify the air. There are different types of incense, including in the form of incense sticks, sage and palo santo.

Incense sticks are one of the most common forms of incense and are easy to use. You just light one end of the stick and let it burn slowly. The scent then spreads in the room and provides a healthy and fresh atmosphere. Incense sticks come in a variety of scents, from floral to herbal and woody, so there's something for everyone.

Using incense and incense sticks can help create a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere in your home or whatever space you are in. It is also common to use incense in meditation and yoga to deepen the experience.

So the next time you want to create a harmonious atmosphere at home, why not try lighting some incense? It is a simple and affordable method to create a relaxing atmosphere. Just be careful to properly extinguish incense sticks when you're done to avoid the risk of fire.