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Kristallen och stenen Pyrit

Pyrite Crystals

Here you can read about the crystal pyrite!

Pyrite, also known as "cat's gold" and "fool's gold" due to its resemblance to real gold. The name pyrite comes from the Greek word "pyr," meaning fire, because of its sparkling appearance when exposed to light.

The beautiful golden color of pyrite has fascinated people for centuries and this crystal is often used to decorate jewelry and works of art all over the world. But pyrite is more than just a beautiful ornament. Many believe it has powerful energies that can provide strength, confidence and protection against negativity. Pyrite is also a crystal that can help you attract money, luck and success into your life. A real lucky charm that can help you follow your dreams and motivation to do what you want.

For those interested in its geological significance, pyrite is also an important indicator of iron deposits and has been a valuable source of metallic iron throughout history.

Here you can find our pyrite crystals .