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äkta Kristaller och stenar, trumlade och råa

The difference between raw and tumbled crystals

What exactly is the difference between a raw and a tumbled crystal?

Raw crystals are just as the name suggests, crystals in their natural form, just as they are found in nature. These crystals have not undergone any kind of processing or polishing after being mined from the bedrock. Because of this, they often retain their natural shapes and irregularities. Raw crystals are popular with collectors for their natural appearance and energy.

Tumbled crystals have undergone a process of grinding and polishing to give them a smoother and more polished surface. This process can be done by hand or by machine and results in crystals that are less sharp and more comfortable to hold in the hand. Tumbled crystals are softer and are usually popular for use in jewelry making and meditation because of their smooth surfaces.

Some people prefer to work with raw crystals for their powerful and raw energy, while others prefer the more even energy of tumbled crystals. It is good to listen to your own intuition when choosing which type of crystal is best for you and your purposes.

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