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What is a crystal?

Did you know that the word crystal comes originally from the Greek and means ice.

What is a crystal?
I think Sonali Saujani, crystal master explains this well.

"Crystals consist of different elements or compounds, to which our bodies react differently". "Crystals are minerals that contain energy, and since we humans are made up of energy, we can exchange energy with the crystal when we work with it." - Sonali Saujani, Crystal Master

Where do crystals come from and how is a crystal created?
Crystals form deep in the earth's interior and it often takes a very long time for a crystal to form, sometimes thousands or millions of years. Liquid magma moves inside the earth's core and when magma for various reasons moves up towards the earth's surface it cools and different crystals can then form depending on how quickly the temperature drops.

Where do you find crystals?
Crystals are most often found in rocks or river banks. You can find crystals in Sweden but also countries such as Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Australia, Morocco, Madagascar.

What is the difference between precious stones and semi-precious stones?
The difference between precious stone and semi-precious stone is only an assessment of the mineral's beauty, durability and rarity. A gemstone is a crystal that is often cut and polished, difficult to access and used in jewelry, for example. Some crystals included in this category are Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.