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Moon stone
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Crystals, jewelry & stones

Here you will find all our crystals, stones and gems with wonderful meanings and properties!

Crystals have been used in healing and meditation since ancient times. Some believe that each crystal has a unique energy and frequency that can affect us in different ways. For example, an amethyst crystal is said to improve sleep and promote calm and relaxation, while a rose quartz crystal is said to strengthen love energy and promote self-love and well-being. By using these crystals and stones we can benefit from their energies and create a balance in our energy and mind.

In addition to the crystals' fantastic energies and properties, they are also so nice to look at. There are crystals in all the different shapes you can imagine, towers, points, tumbled, raw, cuddles, palmstones etc. As I said, you can both decorate with crystals in your home and you can use them as a tool to reach the energy that you feel you need.

Where do you find crystals?

Crystals are most often found in rocks or river banks. You can find crystals in Sweden but also countries such as Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Australia, Morocco, Madagascar.

What is the difference between precious stones and semi-precious stones?

The difference between precious stone and semi-precious stone is only an assessment of the mineral's beauty, durability and rarity. A gemstone is a crystal that is often cut and polished, difficult to access and used in jewelry, for example.