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Kanrol Kristaller, Juli Månadssten

July Birthstone

Carnelian is the birthstone for July

Julys birthstone, carnelian, is a crystal that gives energy and confidence. With its deep orange to red color and sometimes embedded streaks of yellow or brown, carnelian has long been a symbol of passion and strength. Carnelian's vibrant color and warm energy have made it a favorite among jewelry designers.

One of carnelian's best-known properties is that it has an ability to strengthen courage and self-confidence. By wearing a carnelian, one can feel an increased sense of courage in the face of challenges. Carnelian is also said to help increase energy levels and provide a positive outlook on life.

Whether you wear a carnelian as a jewelry stone or use it in meditation and healing, the powerful energy of the carnelian can be a reminder of your inner strength and courage. During the month of July, when the intensity of summer is at its strongest, carnelian can be the perfect crystal to carry through life's challenges with passion and courage.

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