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Här kan man köpa kristaller hos Shine Crystals

Here you can buy crystals & jewellery

With us at Shine Crystals you can find fantastic crystals & jewellery!

Crystals and stones are a perfect tool to use
to boost yourself to become your best self. Buy crystals at Shine Crystals

All crystals have different properties and energies.
Here are the crystals that are popular to use to become your best self.

Rose Quartz - Self-love
Carnelian - Confidence
Rock Crystal - Focus
Amethyst - Calm
Citrine - Joy

Using crystals is easy. When you buy your first crystal, you can purify it and then set an intention on the crystal. If you e.g. have a rose quartz and want to feel extra love for yourself, you can set an intention on it. An intention is like a goal or wish that you can use with the crystal. When you carry or have the crystal close to you, you may be reminded of the intuition you placed on the crystal.

You can carry your crystal in your pocket, bag or just hold it in your hand. We also have crystal jewelry that is easy to use to always have the crystal close to you and also because jewelry is nice.

A calming crystal is good to have in the bedroom or to use during meditation. While another crystal can help you focus better at work. Feel which crystal you like and what qualities you are looking for.

Remember that you can always buy a crystal just because you think it's nice or just because you think it fits in your home, you don't have to go by the properties if you don't want to. That's what's so great about crystals, there's no right or wrong. YOU can do exactly what YOU feel like doing.

If you want to learn more about crystals, you can buy our crystal guide , where we have collected information and tips on how you can use your crystals as a tool to feel better!

It is an e-book where you can read about: Learn about Crystals and Stones
What crystals are
Properties of crystals
How you can use your crystals
How to choose your crystals
How to charge & cleanse your crystals
Shapes of crystals
Menstrual stones
Crystals for chakras

Are you interested in finding your first crystals? Then you can visit our website or visit our store in Halmstad at Laholmsvägen 50.