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Moon stone
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Clear Quartz Crystals

Clear Quartz is a transparent crystal of pure quartz and has a nice light energy.

What is Clear Quartz good for?

Clear Quartz is a crystal that can help you get clear in your thoughts and manifest your dream life. Clear Quartz is considered to have cleansing properties and is often used for meditation.

How to clean rock crystal?

To purify Clear Quartz, you can use water, incense or selenite. Hold the crystal under running tap water, basement water, seawater or lake water. Visualize that you are purifying your crystal when you hold it in water. Hold the crystal under water until it feels clean.

Clear Quartz can be found in various shapes and sizes, and is often used in jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Clear Quartz can also be used in the home as decoration or to create a peaceful atmosphere.

Clear Quartz is a popular gemstone that is suitable for many different occasions. Give yourself or someone you care a beautiful rock crystal meaningful gift.

Here you will find our Clear Quartz tumbled, raw, bracelets and necklaces.