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Kristaller, Stenar och ädelstenar ritual och healing

What are crystals and why are they so popular?

What are crystals & stones? Why are crystals so popular?

Everything is energy, so you can say that everything affects everything. Everything in the world is affected by low and high energies and vibrations. Different plants and their scents also have different vibrations and properties. Like for example. Sage, it is a natural plant that has been dried and used as an incense to raise vibrations and clear away heavy energies, the same is true with crystals, they have different energies that vibrate at different levels.

Why crystals?
Crystals are a perfect tool to set an intuition with, the smaller crystals are perfect to carry around during the day to either raise or lower one's energies. If you look at e.g. Carnelian which has a higher vibration which is said to give a lot of power and strength, if you feel you need extra power and strength it is perfect to bring a tool that vibrates at those levels. While one day you feel that you need peace and harmony, so you can take a crystal such as Amethyst that emits a more calm.

Decorate with crystals
You can also decorate with larger crystals in your home, so you can get different kinds of energies in different rooms, in e.g. the bedroom you might want a more harmonious crystal, while where you work or study you might want to be more motivated, focused and clear in your thoughts.

Different shapes
In addition to the crystals' fantastic energies and properties, they are also so nice to look at, there are crystals in all the different shapes you can imagine, towers, points, tumbled, raw, cuddles, palmstones etc. As I said, you can both decorate with crystals in your home and you can use them as a tool to reach the energy you feel you need.